The Founders

Hooves has been built on a strong passion for horses and a will to transform the industry. Both founders are lifelong riders, and  have experienced all the problems first-hand, and that is how the product was brought to life. Our goal is to make the sport better and more accessible, and ease the problems everyone is having, whether you are a horse-owner or a rider.

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The Founders

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"I have been a rider my entire life – slowly moving from riding schools, to renting someone else’s horse and finally getting my own. I don't come from a family of horse people, so I had to fight for every step of the way. It's hard to justify the high costs to someone outside the industry. I’ve always loved the excitement and adrenaline of jumping. Now I own Cara, my jumping mare, and we are gearing up for the next season." / LinkedIn

"I fell in love with horses before I could even walk. Together with my mom I went from local pony competitions to national dressage shows, and loved every second of it! During my studies I moved around a lot and experienced everything from renting out my own horse to borrowing someone else’s horse – I know the challenges! At the moment I am renting a dressage horse in Amager a few times a week."