Hooves Insurance – Partnered with  Tryg_logo_500

Tryg Forsikring and Hooves together created an insurance solution that gives horse owners and renters piece of mind when sharing a horse.

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Permanent disability
Permanent physical disability damages of 5% up to 500,000DKK in compensation.
Immediate replacement of bone/ligament fractures, etc.
There shall be paid a lump sum, respectively of 10317DKK/15.477DKK. (2017)
Physiotherapy and chiropractor
Reasonable and necessary expenses of a physiotherapist and/or chiropractor.

Third-party Liability

The tenant's legal liability for damage caused by the rented horse.
Covering a total of, until the following summer:
Personal injury: Up to 1,000,000DKK in compensation.
Damage to property: Up to 2,000,000DKK in compensation.



Covering the owner's deductible health insurance by requiring treatment resulting from the accident and emergency colic surgery.
Grants for veterinary treatment
Covers reimbursement for veterinary care with up to 25% of the sum of the horse's health insurance if the sum is exhausted at the time of injury.

Horse Equipment

Damage, theft and vandal damage
Covers in damage, theft and vandal damage to rented riding equipment with up to 15,000DKK
During the rental period, and where the landlord pays a deductible of 700DKK per damage.