How do I sign up on Hooves?

You can download our free app soon on the AppStore, and sign up in the app.

Do I need a minimum skill level to sign up on Hooves?

No, you don’t. We believe there is a suitable match out there for everyone, regardless of experience. It is all about finding a horse or rider on the same level as you. And as we know, both horses and riders come in every shape and form. We do not discriminate. After all, we all share the same passion so there is no need to be elitist.

What if I only want to ride once in a while, and not commit weekly? Can I still sign up on Hooves?

As long as you make it clear in your profile, it is absolutely fine. Again, it is all about finding the people with similar requirements. Renting a horse is done on your terms, we just help you find the right one.

How do I sign up for the free trial? And what happens after the trial?

After downloading the app, you can choose whether you want a free trial of HoovesManage or HoovesTrust. The signup process will be done in the app, and afterwards you get 30 days for free. A few days before your trial ends, we will notify you by email, and you will have the option to either end the use, or continue with your chosen package.

Are all profiles verified?

Most profile sign ups are done through Facebook, and therefore go through the same validation steps. However, we cannot personally verify the identity of each user. We do however, verify all email addresses.

What does sharing or renting a horse mean?

Sharing or renting a horse refers to two or more parties agreeing on terms on sharing activities such as riding and taking care of the same horse. Often, a horse-owner decides to find a rider that can take care of their horse a few times a week on a continuous basis. The owner often names a price per month or time that the rider must pay to ride the horse. This way, the owner get a few days off per week as well as some financial aid to maintain the horse. The rider on the other hand, get to ride a horse and treat it as her own, without having to commit to owning one.