We have partnered with five girls who all have their own angle on how it is to have a life with horses – and how they use the Hooves app. The five brand ambassadors represent different types of riding and levels, and we at Hooves are proud to present them as part of Team Hooves.


Brand Ambassadors

Anna Ravn

Anna is 19 years old from Slagelse, and she goes by her own words “military rider with a passion for free-time dressage”. It is obvious that she has a strong bond between her two horses, Bronco and Zack. She primarily riders military, and believes that building a friendship with her horses is important. Meaning, that she rides closer to the ground and is able to do so without riding equipment. Moreover, Anna being active on Instagram and Facebook, she also vlogs about her everyday life with her horses and inspires many others in the equestrian world to create a stronger bond with horses.

You can follow Anna here:
Facebook: Anna og Bronco
Instagram: @mybabybronco
YouTube: BroncoDK

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Introvideo (Danish):


Cecilia Rosell

Cecilia Rosell was predicted a life in a wheelchair - but then she began to ride! Now she is 19 years old and owns an Icelandic pony, Abel, who is her companion at competitions. Cecilia is physically handicapped and lacks muscle, but riding Abel gives her the ability to gradually train the muscles in her body without getting overwhelmed. Cecilia is also a part to Abel, and she expressed great enthusiasm with the app Hooves. It makes it easy for her and the part to plan training by using the calendar, as well as to follow each other's training by using the diary function in the app.

You can follow Cecilia here:
Facebook: Pararytteren & islænderen
Instagram: @paraicelandic

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Introvideo (Danish):


Emma Skov

Talented and ambitious dressage rider Emma Skov is a young rider from Herning and owns the 9 year old vallak Cracker Jack, who she has personally trained. When Emma met Cracker Jack over 4 years ago, he was very shy and had difficulty in trusting humans. Although Emma was patient, she managed to win Cracker’s trust and heart, and she immediately noticed how willing he is to learn and his sensitive nature. With time, Emma would like to ride grand prix on an international basis.

You can follow Emma here:
Facebook: Dressurrytter Emma Skov
Instagram: @emmaoconnors

Introvideo (Danish):


Line Heltborg

Line is 13 years old and lives in Århus. She has two ponies, GoGo M and Jazz, and rides a horse called Ace of Beadeebells. Despite the fact that Line is young, she is a jumping rider that rides on a S**-level and trains six days a week. Even though it can be a challenge to balance school and riding, she is the youngest member of Team Hooves. She is ambitious and would like to attend larger jumping competitions around Denmark and abroad.

You can follow Line here:
Instagram: @line_heltborg

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Rebecca Kogler

Rebecca is 15 years old and lives in Taastrup. She owns two ponies, 17 year old Nadi and 9 year old Emira. Moreover, she rides the horse Passiflore. She is a jumping rider that rides on a 125(S) level and competes at national shows. She trained military with Nadi and her former pony Smarte, whom she has learnt a lot from. Rebecca has also personally felt that an app such as Hooves has been missing on the market, as she has had a part where they needed a communication tool for daily planning.

Du kan følge Rebecca her:
Instagram: @rebeccamariakogler

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