It is no secret that horse owners have a hard time trusting another with their horse. We’ve all been there. But we have also struggled with the time and / or money, unless of course you do not work but have a great income. Sharing your horse is a scary thought, but can help so many of us. And already a lot of horse owners do, but there are still a lot of discomfort, bad experiences and mistrust to be abolished. The first step in comfortable renting your horse is to find the right rider.

So how to ensure that you find the right rider on Hooves?

First off, make your profile as informative as possible. Be clear on what you are looking for and what are the requirements to rent your horse. Be realistic about your horses skill level, but also be realistic about what skill level rider you need. We would all love an internationally successful rider for our horse, but it’s just not possible. Sometimes the best solution for your horse is an average level rider who loves your horse with all their heart, and treat him / her like royalty. So do not shoot with skill level, neither for your horse or rider.

Make sure you have photos or videos to your profile. Our data show a huge difference in interest profiles with or without pictures. Make sure you have at least one. It will be easier for riders to approach you when they have a better idea of what type of horse you have.

Be active in your search. Some riders may not actively search for horses, but still have their profile on Hooves. Look through the rider search regularly and chat with people with interesting profiles. You never know if they are not available, maybe they know someone suitable for you. Networking is never a bad idea! Also make sure to allow push notifications on your phone, we will always let you know if someone who fits your needs is enrolled.

Finally, if you have questions or want more tips, please do not hesitate to contact our team – they will be more than happy to help you!