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Search for riders or horses based on location, skill level, price and so on. Chat with potential matches and set up trials. Find the perfect match!


Through our upcoming app, share a calendar, diary and training tracker together with your match to ease daily communication and planning.


Get access to our contract builder, automated online payment and FULL-coverage insurance – for your horse, rider and equipment.

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Get more organized around your horse – plan, schedule and communicate together with your part.


Use the shared calendar for scheduling who goes when, vet appointments, trainings, and so on. Keep a diary on your daily activities – what did you do, how did it go, was there anything special that day, and add a picture or video to go with it. Have your trainer follow your diary and keep track of your training routines.


On Manage, keep track of what’s going on in the stable


Have EVERYTHING 100% insured – all horse equipment, riders and the horse. No matter what happens, make sure everything is covered.


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